Dear Legislators,

Please, for your own wellbeing, but more importantly for the wellbeing of your children, your grandchildren, and for all Earth’s children, spare two minutes to watch the following video:

Dear Legislators, let us repeat the closing words of the video taken from the book The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism by Professor Barry Sanders:

“Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, the earth would still be headed—head first and at full speed—toward total disaster for one major reason: the US military.”

Here is another awful truth, Dear Legislators. When you approve nearly a trillion dollars a year to fund the Pentagon, the military/industrial/congressional complex, you are not defending Americans. You are endangering Americans along with all the other voyagers on Planet Earth. Dear Legislators, to fill the wallets of fabulously wealthy arms industries executives and investors, to fill your own campaign coffers with donations from these same arms industries, you knowingly put at risk your own children and grandchildren. Who are you, really, Dear Legislators?

Russia and China have done nothing to threaten America. It is the United States that has surrounded Russia and China with missiles and warships and military bases. It is the United States that has waged endless wars upon humanity since Vietnam. Not Russia, not China.

Reversing the circumstances of the Cubam missile crisis, it is the United States that has deliberately – and provocatively – left Russia and China no choice but to defend their people and their borders from the ballistic missile devastation America has installed just minutes from Moscow, Beijing, and other major cities.  It is the United States that is the global hegemon, the global bully.

Dear Legislators, as you mindlessly continue to fund the unspeakable immorality that is the U.S. military, understand, it is you who are the greatest threat to America. Understand, Dear Legislators, it is you who gamble the lives of your own children, your own grandchildren. It is you who offer the children of Earth as collateral for your own egocentric ends.