There is an ongoing fusion of Neoliberalism, Fascism, Religion, Big Tech, Racism, Climate Collapse and diseases into an immense “confusion.” This obliterates clarity and understanding of today’s issues.  There is a confidence trick causing this confusion. It is by design.


First is Neoliberalism.  The earliest notion of this came from the Mont Pelerin Society, founded in 1947, named after its first meeting location in Switzerland.  (  The concept of neoliberalism is, in brief, big business and little government.  The following link is insightful.


Fascism is defined as follows: “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”  (


Having complete power is manifested by the ongoing attempt to prevent the peaceful transfer of power since January 6th, 2020.  (A reference shouldn’t be necessary.)


An example of forcibly suppressing opposition was the fomenting of the attempted takeover of the state of Michigan which was widely reported.  (


The latest example of the regimentation of industry is the cancelling of Disney’s special tax status because of Disney’s refusal to acquiesce to the Governor of Florida’s demands.


Aggressive nationalism is widely celebrated at any number of right-wing rallies.  (

This extends to the purging of Mathematics textbooks.  Acceptable books are under the auspices of the right wing.  One book.  One publisher. (


Religion has been used as a cudgel by the right.  Religious freedom has devolved into the freedom to be any sort of white evangelical right-wing believer you choose.  Witness the rise of Christian Theocracy.  (


Racism examples include the right wing’s obsession with Critical Race Theory.     (  An excellent book is Caste: the Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson.  There are over 400 years of examples of racism in our history.


Big Tech, specifically social media, has obviously separated and hardened society into hate bunkers.  Young people have been driven to suicide.  Examples are legion.

Does anyone really believe that Elon Musk only cares about “freedom” as his reason to buy Twitter?   Does he care about “freedom”, $43 billion dollars’ worth?  (  Control of Big Tech is control of society.


Climate Collapse is obvious daily with incessant fires, floods, polar ice melting, droughts, rising temperatures worldwide – both air and sea temperatures, the severity of storms and so on.  Attempts to actually ameliorate these things are met with furious resistance.


Disease.  Covid has been mocked by the right as a hoax by the Left to “take away your freedoms.”  As you will recall, there have been riots against mask wearing on aircraft, in retail stores and even the destruction of Covid testing sites.


All of these things have been purposely fused into one immense confidence scam or con.  The more confused the better for the right.  The goal is for society to be terrified of everything not right wing.


How to counter this?  What can be done?  It has been suggested that when confronted with these things say “Fear, Fraud and Fascism!”  Anything irrational that is said in response, say: “There they go again!”


“If the Jackboot fits,” make them wear it.  (