Little did I know when I started volunteering here how much this would grow on me. There is great need in our comunity and often those with the greatest needs are shunned. The problem of unhoused is not going away by wishing it away or incarcerating it away. And shame on those who say “not in my backyard.” All I can say is, you have touched me, I have grown.

Community Outreach Task Force is A Non-profit Organization with a mission to provide the basic living needs (and more) to the homeless. We are staffed by volunteers, so 100% goes directly to servicing the most vulnerable in our community. We fill a great need in our community. Homelessness is not a joke. It is not because people are lazy or don’t want to work. We have many in our community that simply fall through the cracks. People need to realize you are one disaster away from being in the same spot. We can’t do everything but we can fill your belly, get you some emergency things and most of all listen and connect you somewhere. If you are able to help and donate a meal:

The Marty Bus needs bikes for our clients. So many of them have to walk to get to appointments or to get from one place to another and our wish list has grown for bikes. If you have any you’re willing to part with please reach out and let us know. We are also in need of backpacks for their belongings. If anyone has backpacks laying around please reach out to us. Bikes and backpacks can be dropped off at the Marty Bus on Wednesdays or Fridays from 11-2.