Citizen Action North Central Wisconsin Co-op member Hans Breitenmoser Jr. spearheaded a successful effort to pass a non-partisan redistricting resolution on the Lincoln County Board last week.

By roll call vote, Lincoln County Democrats and Republicans stood up together and said our system for drawing these lines is fundamentally flawed and needs to be changed.

A copy will be sent to the Governor, the Counties Association, the Towns Association, the League of Municipalities, all members of the state legislature and to each Wisconsin county.

In Wausau co-op members organized to challenge the proposed closing of affordable rent apartments to build a convenience store on the corner of Bridge Street and 17th Avenue of Wausau.

The Wausau City Council’s Plan Commission met Tuesday. The room was packed. Residents of Annabelle Apartments as well as area homeowners spoke. One hundred sixty signatures against the proposal were presented.

The Wausau Plan Commission voted against the proposal and cited the well-organized response from the community as one of the biggest reasons.

On March 30, Kwik-Trip withdrew its proposal to build on the corner of Bridge Street and 17th Avenue.