The other day I was reading Krista Tippett’s blog ON BEING. I was surprised that she interviewed Glenn Beck who says he has had a change of heart. Beck has acknowledged his role in the damaged state of our nation.

Krista Tippett spoke with Glenn on May 11, 2017 as part of her Civil Conversation project. They talked about what it will take to heal the divisions in our nation.

Glenn Beck now broadcasts on The Blaze, a multi-platform news and entertainment network that he founded.

Beck is concerned that Donald Trump could go totalitarian, but he may be a “decent president.” However, Beck said that no person “should ever make the American public, left, right or all of us, this afraid.”

Out of our fear, we throw huge labels at each other. We don’t listen to each other.

Beck has done some public repenting but still carries strong political convictions. He did say that all public broadcasters should routinely ask themselves, “How do I bring my audience to a better place?”

His home is Dallas, Texas. During a Black Lives Matter conversation in his city, he began to see the other side. He also visited the Mexican border and persuaded his fans to donate 19 semi-trucks full of food for people at the border. He believes that the immigrants should not be there. However, they are there and at that point Beck began to see them as people who were hungry. His comment was “Don’t make this about politics. Make this about people.”

Beck continued: “Try to get people to listen. What do we have in common? Find a way back to the heart.”

He acknowledged that anger comes from fear. He has done his share of spreading hate and fear through his broadcasts. It is time to stop and listen.

“Stop trying to put everyone in your box.”

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