JOIN FBRF and SIERRA CLUB IN MADISON updates NOVEMBER 16, 1 P.M. CAPITOL MEET UP TO PRESENT OUR PETITION TO GOVERNOR EVERS RALLY 3 P.M. LAZY OAF LOUNGE Speakers, petition signing, fun, food, live entertainment. "NO TRANSFER OF KOHLER ANDRAE STATE PARK LAND TO THE KOHLER COMPANY FOR ITS OWN PROFIT!" sign the petition here Come any time to learn about this heist of State Park Land Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more info. Questions? email us at friendsbrf@hotmail.com Press Conference approx. 1 p.m.   Devils Lake State Park acreage ...

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Ho Chunk POW WOW October 7 & 8

Don’t Tread on Me….Big Business!

Down the road whereon our home sits a neighbor flies the flag with a coiled rattlesnake and the words Don't tread on me written above it. I'm sure you've seen one like it.  This is a flag with a history reaching to the mid eighteenth century. Back then the original colonies were pretty loosely connected and were facing off against the French and their Native American allies in what historians call the French and Indian War. My neighbor's flag evolved from a political cartoon image that Benjamin Franklin first published in 1754.  It depicted a snake chopped up into ...

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A Star in the Night Sky

James Albert Lewis, 94, of Merrill passed away on June 5. He was surrounded by loved ones at home near Merrill. Among those loved ones were Joel and Melissa Lewis. Jim was born on Feb. 28th, 1929. This was the year you recall the stock market crashed. There was the great depression, the St. Valentine’s massacre, and Al Capone. There was World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam. Later countess other wars. He lived in a time when television was first invented. He saw man landing on the moon. Imagine all this man has seen and done! James graduated from the University of ...

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Great Local Authors

Local reads are the best reads. Starting with Gina Ramsey's "Burnt Gloveboxes: Embracing Life When it Goes up in Flames." This is a book of misguided adventures and blunders. Trust me I worked with Gina for a short time, the girl is hilarious. Her book has hit the Amazon best seller list. Give it a read, you won't be disappointed! Nick Vander Puy recently gave a book talk at the Eagle River Library. Having visited the H.E.L.P. Campaign for the Penokees years ago and learning so much from there, I had to see what more I could learn through the book talk. I asked ...

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World Cultures Day


  Just some quotes:   “[Wars] are fought against people, 98 percent of whom are resistant to killing, and most of whom had little or nothing to do with bringing on the war. One way to dehumanize those people is to replace all of them with an image of a single monstrous individual.”                                                                                    - Excerpted from War Is A Lie by David Swanson.   “Words have consequences. You cannot compromise with ...

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The bullet on the right is a 165 grain copper jacketed lead bullet. The one on the left is a 165 grain all copper bullet. Both are made by Federal Cartridge. The copper ammunition costs me about $1.50 more per box of twenty rounds compared to the premium lead ammo I used to use. (If you use cheap lead ammo, the difference in price will be greater.) Both are deadly on deer. The lead round, a boat-tailed soft point, kept us in venison for three decades. The copper round has done the same for the last five years. As I hunted deer today, I sat within sight of the gut ...

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Wisconsin Primary and Strategic Voting

Wisconsin has a primary election on August 9th. How much do people know about the candidates and issues for this election? Local local news sources offer little of value. This article tries to help people in Douglas County and NW Wisconsin get the information they need to be informed voters. Primary elections are just as important as the general election. If you don't have good candidates winning the primary you don't have good choices later and we all wind up with bad political leadership. To begin with, people in Douglas County need to be aware that their ...

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We All Need Clean Water

As you may, or may not know, a Canadian company called Green Light Metals has applied for a drilling permit in eastern Marathon County. Water is one of the most important things in our lives. Plans were recently announced to commence a sulfuric acid mineral exploration drilling project to evaluate if an open-pit gold mine will be constructed. Citizens from the region are very concerned that groundwater will be placed in jeopardy of contamination. Without access to clean drinking water, many aspects of everyday life will become burdensome and unhealthy. Every ...

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