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Supreme Politics

The recent big news story is the Supreme Court's leaked draft of the upcoming decision to overturn Roe vs Wade. This should be no surprise. It has long been expected. Obama was outrageously denied an appointment and Trump made three appointments to the Court. These three judges were deliberately chosen for their opposition to abortion and their extreme positions on other issues. The current Supreme Court is a glaring example of a “packed” court dominated by extreme right wing ideologues. These judges are not impartial arbiters of the law. Jim Hightower devoted ...

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Women for Women Wausau

Women for Women Wausau Thursday, June 2 at 6 PM Zoom link at the bottom and also find us on Facebook! Sara Finger from the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health A message from our Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health Founder & Executive Director, Sara Finger: Now what? The draft opinion from the US Supreme Court has been leaked and we have all been awakened to how serious and real the threat to abortion access in the United States is. For those of us working daily to advocate for women's health and wellbeing, the news of a Supreme Court's draft ...

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Today I March

Today I march. I march for the women who blazed the trail before me, giving me the rights, I have. Thank you, you sacrificed so much. I am so grateful. Most of all, I march for my daughter and the girls of her generation and future generations. I march for all women, so you have the CHOICE. I march because we cannot go back. I was pleased today to see the mix of young and older alike. I was pleased to see men who support women. Citizens who understand we are living in a country that has one of the highest maternal mortality rates, no paid parental leave, and no ...

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