2022 Central Wisconsin Indigenous Peoples’ Day POW WOW

2022 Central Wisconsin Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Opposition to Mining

The Ho-Chunk Nation opposes the request by Green Light Metals for an exploratory drilling permit, and any future efforts to engage in gold mining near the Dells of the Eau Claire River in Marathon County. The staff of Middle Wisconsin expresses their thanks to the Ho Chunk Nation.

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Save the Menominee River

The 2nd Annual Water Celebration is in the books! We are very proud of the Coalition! Everyone was geared up and ready to handle the masses. We witnessed an outpouring of work, shouldering of responsibilities, and labor of love for the Menominee River that filled our hearts with appreciation for everyone's assistance for the Coalition's major fundraiser. We look forward to the 5K Walk-A-Thon on August 28th for our next large event. It was heartwarming to present "Trailblazer" awards to Ron and Carol Henriksen (Front 40) and Mary Hansen, recognizing ...

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Abortion has been, and continues to be, a vital weapon in the Republican toolbox, a means to gain control over a multitude of less savory objectives. With this hot button, they have been able to whip up energy within their ranks. Over the last fifty years, a growing mob of zealots have taken to the streets and the halls of government with placards showing the pitiful fetus so wronged by evil women and their fiendish abortion doctors. The truth is that the flap over abortion was never as much about the ‘unborn baby’ as it was about political capital. Powerbrokers saw ...

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Wausau Pro Choice March

Join us Sunday, July 10 at 3 PM on Wausau’s 400 Block for a Pro Choice March We won’t go back! Bans off our Bodies! This is a march for OUR RIGHTS! We will be collecting personal hygiene items the day of the March! - Tampons (unopened) - Pads (unopened) -Pregnancy Tests (unopened) - Contraceptives (unopened condoms, dental dams, etc.) - Unopened Prepaid phones and cards - Gas cards - Monetary donations (Please try and refrain from written checks, we will however take them if it’s your only option) All donations will be collected at ...

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Down Ballot Wisconsin Elections

Voters also need to pay attention to the “down ballot” statewide offices. In Wisconsin, the Attorney General, State Treasurer and Secretary or State are independently elected offices. The Attorney General is obviously an important office and gets some voter attention. But most people know nothing about the other two. This year ignoring these obscure offices could have serious ramifications. Republicans have spent years weakening and underfunding all three of the these elected offices. This has included trying to abolish both the Treasurer and Secretary of State ...

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The Fruits of Faulty Judgment

“I'm just a miner in the mother lode of misery, where the fruits of faulty judgment meet the spoils of bad luck.” From the song “King of Junk” by Eddy Lawrence This humorous song is about a junk yard owner who's good fortune is the result of others' faulty judgment and bad luck. He finds a “hidden trove of riches mid the mangled and the maimed” wreckage of cars. I like the poetry of the song. To me it speaks (out of context) to much of the current craziness in our society. Politics has always been ugly and partisan. But the angry divisions are getting ...

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Victories for Justice

We have two victories in the struggle for justice and social progress to celebrate. I am referring to the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court and the enactment of the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act. Martin Luther King claimed the “arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” But too often it has been hard to find much evidence for his optimism. Reading the news is more likely to bend one toward drink, cynicism and misanthropy than hope for the future. As a society, we have a long way to go to achieve liberty and ...

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Pearl Harbor and American militarism

Many times in our history we have failed to see how our actions contribute to conflicts.

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