A Community Conversation HOLY LAND PEACE DIALOGUE

A Community Conversation HOLY LAND PEACE DIALOGUE MONDAY, APRIL 15 at 7 pm SPEAKER Rev. Forrest Wells   You are invited to First United Methodist Church, Wausau (parking in the Fulton St. lot) at 7:00 p.m. for a presentation and conversation with Rev. Forrest Wells.  He will lead a discussion on the current conflict in Gaza, concerns for those living the reality of war, humanitarian need and response, and the hope for peace.   Rev. Forrest Wells served as a United Methodist pastor in Wisconsin for over 25 years, and as an overseer for hundreds of ...

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Taxes, Debt and War

“War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes.” President James Madison (1751-1836) Today well over half the discretionary federal budget (your income tax dollars) go for war, weapons of war and the bureaucracies of war – the “armies” from which “proceed debt and taxes.” A large percentage of the national debt is the result of Pentagon spending and the cost of wars. We spend more on “defense” than the next 10 military powers in the world combined (and most of those ten are our allies). In 1953 President Dwight Eisenhower said, ...

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A Kingdom, Power, and Glory Book Club Review

The public establishment of Christianity may be considered as one of the most important and domestic revolutions which excite the most lively curiosity, and afford the most valuable instruction. The victories and the civil policy of Constantine no longer influence the state of Europe; but a considerable portion of the globe still retains the impression which it received from the conversion of that monarch; and the ecclesiastical institutions of his reign are still connected, by an indissoluble chain, with the opinions, the passions, and the interests of the present ...

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Palestine March Week Three of Four, Part one: The Photos

Palestine Week Three of Four: Part Two: Peace Dialogue Friends

Each day a cease fire in Gaza is more imperative.  An enduring and sustained ceasefire is essential for all people. Our second Gaza pilgrimage this past Saturday brought 30 people joining in the walk. We were all heartened to hear car horns honking in solidarity for the cause. Please consider joining us this coming Saturday, March 30  at 10 am in Rib Mountain. We will park over near the corner of Hobby Lobby’s lot. Please park nearer to the road so as not to hamper anyone needing parking for shopping. Saturday, April 6, 10 AM, we will be at the intersec...

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Labor History in Film


  This is an opportunity to learn more but it is also an opportunity to possibly let others know that the ground water at the Reef is 0-20 feet. It is in an area of the Ice Age Trail and a class A trout stream. Most importantly, we must protect our water at all costs. Please join other northern Wisconsin citizens for an educational event in Wausau on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024 from 1:15 to 3:45 PM.    

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Elevated Arsenic Detected in Wells at Reclaimed Flambeau Mine Site

*Editor's Note: there has never been a sulfide mine that has not polluted. For Immediate Release, March 1, 2024    Contacts:  Laura Gauger, Deer Tail Scientific (Duluth, MN); Tel: (218) 724-3004 Dr. David M. Chambers, Center for Science in Public Participation (Bozeman, MT); Tel: (406) 585-9854   Elevated Arsenic Detected in Wells at Reclaimed Flambeau Mine Site - Wells within 140 feet of Flambeau River are Contaminated; State officials have taken no action   Groundwater quality testing at the reclaimed Flambeau Mine site south ...

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Leonard Peltier

  A day of remembrance. 49 years of unjust incarceration. "Justice is not a flexible tool. Unless we all do our part to ensure that justice is equally to all human beings, we are a party to its abuse. We must stand together to protect the rights of others. " Leonard Peltier.

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NORTHWOODS PROGRESSIVES~Bigger than Roe Minocqua 2024

The Northwoods Progressives met on a bitterly cold Saturday on January 20 to show support for Women's RIGHTS!   Bigger than Roe Minocqua 2024 Our resolve is unyieldingSaturday, January 20 at 1:00 pm We will gather at Veterans Park in Minocqua then march to the railing across from Save More where we will wave signs and show that Our Resolve is Unyielding Everyone with an interest in Women's rights is welcome to attend.  Bring a friend and bring a sign with your message. Hosts: Northwoods Progressives, Democratic Party of Vilas County, ...

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