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Discrimination isn’t always a bad thing

When you hear the word discrimination, what comes to mind? Likely you equate the term with prejudice. But one doesn’t need to prejudge or generalize in order to discriminate.

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Learning to play as an adult

It’s two in the morning and I’m still awake.

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Most of us have heard of the EpiPen – the pharmaceutical corporation Mylan’s trade name for its Epinephrine Autoinjector.  It is a device used to quickly inject the life-saving drug epinephrine into a person undergoing a potentially fatal allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis, to a variety of things such as bee stings, peanuts or other foods, and medications.  It is estimated that over 15 million Americans are subject to food allergies. Some 200,00 actual cases of anaphylaxis resulting in about 200 deaths occur each year.Epinephrine is the industry name for ...

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Advance directives are documents signed when we are of sound mind to inform those who will be taking care of us in the future -- usually our power of attorney -- how we want our finances handled and what we would want for medical care under particular circumstances.Until now, there was no advance directive addressing one's preference for medical treatment when suffering from dementia.The National Public Radio show "On Point," heard on many public radio stations from 9:00-11:00 a.m. weekdays, recently discussed a new advance directive form created to address one's ...

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Wausau Mexican Art Fundraiser and Luncheon for Mujeres Aliadas


An older man contacted me recently with a problem. A visit to the doctor left him with thousands in unpaid bills. Medicare deemed the tests “routine” and not a “medical necessity.” But the gentleman was told, for his occupation, the tests were absolutely necessary.He was left with a medical bill costing more than his 2017 income.The top-notch staff at the Department of Health Services (DHS), discovered the man was likely eligible for Medicaid. But the man wasn’t interested.The constituent relations department within DHS has been a godsend over the ...

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Citizens Take Action on Opposing Restrictions of Medicaid in Wisconsin

Yet Another Middle Wisconsin Exclusive -- First on the Scene Again in Central Wisconsin From Citizen Action Event Material:Gov. Scott Walker wants to apply for a waiver from the federal government, so that he can drug test childless adults seeking Medicaid. This could also allow him to add other requirements that he sees fit. This is problematic for various reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is our current Opioid and Methamphetamine crises across the State. Someone who is struggling with addiction, but has health insura...

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