Can we trust the media? Can we trust law enforcement? Why or why not? And why is that credibility important? Join us in a facilitated community conversation on September 12 that brings together news media, law enforcement and the public to talk about how we can ensure we’re getting the true story. We’ll look at:

Why is credibility important when developing relationships between law enforcement and the media?

To what extent does the public trust the media and/or law enforcement – and why? What about the impact of so-called “fake news?”

What resources do law enforcement and media utilize to gain the trust of the public and each other?

This is the third in a series of community dialogues taking place September 12 at 7 p.m. at Northcentral Technical College, Room E101/E102, 1000 W. Campus Drive, Wausau, Wisconsin

Featured speakers are: Ben Bliven, Chief of Police, Wausau Police Department

Glen Moberg, Distinguished Broadcast Specialist, Wisconsin Public Radio

Shereen Siewert, Founder and Publisher, Wausau Pilot & Review

By Wisconsin Institute of Public Policy and Service (WIPPS)

WIPPS is proud to partner with @WisconsinHumanitiesCouncil on this statewide program. #WHCpartners #BeyondTheHeadlines.