Badgercare Expansion

Citizen Action Wisconsin continued its statewide tour supporting Badgercare expansion with a stop in Wausau on Thursday, May 11th.  I for one am a proud member and I encourage you to join in the fight when it comes to issues that matter most to the citizens of this state.

“The unaffordability of health care and lack of access to it is a huge public concern,” said Citizen Action Executive Director Robert Kraig. “People are skipping the medical care that they need because they can’t afford it.” Many people from Marathon and Lincoln Counties spoke up in support of Badgercare. One of the most touching stories is that of Peggy McDowell. While married to her husband, the two made $100.00 a year too much to qualify for Badgercare. Yes, $100.00 a year put them over the poverty limit. The two divorced in order to qualify. Peggy also recently told her story at the budget listening session in Minocqua.

Wisconsin needs to expand access and qualifications for Medicare. Healthcare should be a basic human right.

During the rally some, including Kraig and McDowell, called on Governor Tony Evers to veto any budget that doesn’t include an expansion of Badgercare with federal dollars. Kraig said that would force negotiations between the sides, even if it means having a budget impasse.