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An open letter to Rep. Scott Krug

Hospitals are being bogged down by unvaccinated people requiring treatment for a preventable illness.

Making a mockery of mock outrage

In my role as editor of a left-leaning publication, I am very careful about drawing false equivalencies. I see this done far too often by other media outlets, and it turns my stomach. However there is one area where the left and right are equally egregious: the theater of mock outrage.

The power of a general strike

Happy Labor Day! This is actually a happy day for labor.

A message from the editor

In our last edition, I wrote a couple of stories that reflected my mood. Sometimes, with all of the wicked problems the world faces these days, it can just get to a person. The news is often depressing, but I felt more frustrated than anything because while wicked problems are tough to solve, so many of them could have been prevented.

Something worth fighting for

There are a lot of people angry at the world right now. Everyone has reason to be angry, but some people are angered by non-existent situations.

Trump COVID: Get vaccinated

I realize that many people are afraid of getting the shot. Many people in this country are afraid of vaccinations in general, and not completely without reason.

A message from the Editor

Last edition, which was scheduled to come out a couple days after I would have surgery, I made the call to not have any feature photos. Will agreed with my decision, so we consulted the board and ran with it.

Remote workers would offer much needed diversity to small cities

Recently, a bill aimed at saving two paper mills, one in Wisconsin Rapids and one in Park Falls, was passed in the Assembly. Three Democrats joined Republicans in passing the bill, which now will advance to the Senate.

Keeping pests away doesn’t have to be toxic

Several summers ago, I developed a recipe for a skin-friendly bug repellent I named Vamp Away. It is designed to repel ticks and mosquitos mainly, but with a few modifications, it can also be quite effective at repelling fleas and gnats.

New Options for Using EBT

During my working years, I spent a lot of time working for agencies that helped people living in poverty. I firmly believe that the poor are best served by those who have shared experiences.