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To Be Human

  Like a ripe Touch-Me-Not seed capsule just waiting for a finger to trigger the pop that sends it's precious cargo out into the world, mornings burst with the promise of exploration, new discoveries and grand inventions.  If you don't believe me just watch any young child jump out of bed with a head full of grand ideas, or an aging, retired guy about to head out for his morning walk in the country.  Lord only knows what discoveries might be waiting out there. This delight in novelty and new challenges is what has brought us from our shaky, beginnings in Africa to eight billion of us today, spread out everywhere around the world.  Go the ...

Third Worlding Marathon County (and the Rest of Wisconsin)

Xiomara Castro, the first woman Honduran President, just banned open pit mining in her country because of it's toxic pollution and the consequent health impacts on wildlife and human life.  This marks a huge turning point in a country long exploited for it's natural resources at the expense of everything Hondurans hold dear – especially clean, safe water.  This remarkable turn around happened when the Honduran people got fed up enough to elect political leaders who actually cared more about them than big, usually foreign, mining corporations.  The quest for natural resources in countries like Honduras relies on friendly political leaders, cheap ...

Earth Day 2022

Sponsored by the local Citizen’s Climate Lobby Chapter and NAOMI of Wausau celebrated Earth Day by planting fifteen trees  on April 23rd at Memorial Park. In the spirit of Wausau’s Community for All Resolution those trees were planted by our sisters and brothers from our Indigenous, Hmong, African American, and Hispanic communities as well as Muslim, Jewish and Christian members of our Family. We were excited to have tree planting teams from the LGBTQ community and various local organizations like the YWCA, MOSAIC, Citizens for a Clean Wausau, Citizens Action and more. This is the sixth year in a row we have celebrated Earth Day with ...

Earth Day 2022 in Wausau: Honoring Life, Building a Beloved Community for All

The significance of an annual Earth Day celebration stands out like a beacon of hope and determination in our increasingly troubled environment. PFAS in our water, benzene in our deodorants, sunscreens and other commonly used products, particles of plastic now showing up in the blood coursing through our bodies and in our lungs, pesticides, and climate change; the evidence that decades of environmental carelessness threaten life on this planet of ours is all around us. Rather than throw our hands up in despair we choose to honor this unique, living planet upon whose health the rich diversity of life depends, and to dedicate our efforts to ...

Our Shaky Tower of Environmental Sustainability

With one eye focused on the tragedy in Ukraine and the other on the rising price at the gas pump, we run the risk of missing an even greater crisis quietly bearing down on us. The stability of our lives depends on a bewildering multitude of interdependent elements, something like a complex Jenga Tower. Keep all the blocks in place and the tower stands solid enough to plan our futures upon. Start pulling out the supporting blocks and things get wobbly. Pull out enough blocks and everything collapses. Of course, I am talking about the environmental sustainability of life on our little planet - taking good care of mother earth, what we often call the web ...

The evolutionary path to sustainability

Things evolve. From microscopic bacteria and viruses like COVID to the dinosaurs now fluttering at our bird feeders for some sunflower seeds, we are all products of hundreds of millions of years of genetic adaptation and change.

Wausau going big on solar energy should excite those who love nature

As a homeowner myself, there was something in their desire to preserve “hearth and home” that at first struck an empathetic chord.

Let’s price carbon now and let’s do it equitably

When I first started gardening in 1974, frost took the cold sensitive plants down the very first weekend in September.

Lessons of a butterfly

Whoever watches the magic show of the chrysalis gains the gift of hope.

Earth Day dreams

On a cool, cloudy Saturday, April 24th, the Citizen's Climate Lobby of Marathon County and North central Area congregations Organized to Make an Impact (NAOMI) of Wausau were able to gather a gloriously diverse family of good folks who showed up to plant trees for Earth Day in one of our local parks.