Austerity is the endgame, the final subjugation. It is the offspring of Ronald Reagan’s corrupt ideology that “government is the problem” and Bill Clinton’s corrupt deregulation of Wall Street – – the unholy marriage of neocon and neolib. It is the weapon of the oligarchy, the instrument of bondage and control.

We are in a rigged game, a game designed to transfer money upward while blaming all things public for our impoverishment, a game designed to starve government of the people while sparing nothing for government of the corporation. It is a game that privatizes the birthright of Americans as water, public buildings, roads, national parks, law enforcement and prisons are turned into profit centers for the wealthy rather than assets for the common good.

It is a game where our public schools, the very heart of freedom and democracy, are being drained by parasites, by hedge funds. It is a game that says entitlements for Wall Street bankers are acceptable, but pensions and social security must be raided and privatized to prevent “moral hazard” for “lazy” working people, a game that allows the very richest to pay little or no taxes while the middle class and the poor are bled dry.

It is a game that places the profits of pharmaceutical and insurance companies above the health and life of the people, a game that guts regulations that ensure a healthy economy and a competitive free market,that substitutes casino capitalism where the wealthy always win.

Every time we agree to the mantras that government spending is out of control or that regulations harm business, we give credence to the lie that subjugates us. Every time we accept the historically disproven belief that progressive and corporate taxes kill jobs, we aid the hand that drives us under. Every time we stand idle as another public entity is privatized, we guarantee the servitude of our children.