American Gonzalo Lira died this past January 11th after being held in a Ukrainian prison for 8 months. Lira was a political commentator on social media who was critical of the U.S. and its proxy war in Ukraine. Abducted by Ukrainian authorities, he died for exercising the right of free speech. Lira received almost no coverage in western media. Despite pleas from Lira’s father, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine refused to lift a finger in behalf of an American citizen. President Joe Biden made no speeches about the death of Lira from illegal imprisonment in Ukraine, and surely did not blame Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for Lira’s passing. Lira’s Ukrainian wife and two children remain in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

Russian Alexei Navalny died this past February 16 in a Russian prison. Within hours his death was covered by virtually all western media. Expressing great outrage, President Joe Biden made a speech telling us to “Make no mistake – Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death.”  No proof needed because Putin, well because Putin is evil.

If the stark contrast in how the deaths of these two men were covered does nothing else, it exposes the extent to which American mainstream media has become little more than a massive propaganda organ for the U.S. Government, and the U.S. military/industrial/congressional complex. Anyone who believes Joe Biden or the U.S. Government actually care about Alexei Navalny, is naïve. Navalny was a tool – a hapless pawn – to be used, even in death, to continue the endless demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia, and to lobby for billions more to perpetuate the war in Ukraine.

As is the case with the loss of all human life, the death of Gonzalo Lira and Alexei Navalny is a tragedy, especially to their families and loved ones. This should never be discounted. Both men – like all men – were products of their times, their life experiences, their environments. Neither should be branded good or evil. But there is far more to the picture of Alexei Navalny than has ever been allowed in western media.

On August 20, 2021, during a flight from Siberia to Moscow, Navalny became seriously ill and an emergency landing was made to get him medical treatment. Russian medical personnel who examined him found no traces of poison, suggesting instead that a metabolic imbalance might have been caused by a combination of his medication for diabetes and depression with excessive alcohol. However, at the urging of Navalny’s family, he was flown to Berlin where officials reported detecting Novichok, a lethal nerve agent, in his system. German authorities, however, have never publicly shared any verifiable evidence to support the poisoning claim. Russia, in particular, was denied access to the data.

This, of course, raises the question of who are we going to believe? But it also raises another serious question. If Russian authorities, (i.e. the evil Putin) had poisoned Navalny and wanted him dead, why would they fly him to Germany where any poison was sure to be detected? Western media has never asked – let alone answered – this question, and we likely will never know the truth. But President Biden and U.S. media assure us Putin is guilty until proven innocent.

As is well known, Navalny was a political activist. There are many in Russia, just as there are in America. One could write a book about Navalny’s actions and involvements, but there are a few of his activities which bear mentioning.

Russia is huge and spans 10 contiguous time zones compared to 4 in the U.S. It is likely the most ethnically diverse nation on Earth. Navalny was a white supremacist known for his hatred of Muslims, who make up a significant segment of the Russian population. As part of his political actions, he recorded a few videos suggesting ways of getting rid of these “unwanted” people. The video below depicts Muslims as cockroaches and shows Navalny shooting one in the head. The background sign in the clip says “Alexei Navalny, Certified Specialist,” and the English translation follows the video:


Translation: “Hello! Today we talk about insect control. No house is safe from cockroach infestation. Eww! Or a fly gets in through an open window. We all know the cure against flies – a fly swatter, a slipper against a roach. But what to do if cockroaches are too big and flies too aggressive? In such cases I recommend a handgun.”


Another video featuring Navalny (here) compares ethnic populations to tooth decay and appears to suggest using Nazi tactics to root them out.

Regarding the political action groups Navalny helped found or belonged to, at least some of them were funded by the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy (NED) which is known to have ties to the CIA. The NED is also known for fostering regime change in countries that do not bend to U.S. demands. It has been severely restricted in both Russia and China because of its subversive nature. Adding to all of this, it is never covered in western media that NED sponsored Alexei Navalny in the Yale World Fellows Program in the United States, which for years has been used to groom potential “assets” for the CIA.

Writing this article will win no friends. But there is a purpose. We Americans are the most propagandized people on Earth. We have been taught to hate Russia, taught to hate Putin. We are now being taught to hate China. We are being led by ideologically blinded souls from both political parties, and those parties are further controlled by a billionaire oligarchy behind the genuinely evil and insatiable parasite called the U.S. military/industrial/congression complex and the U.S. Department of Endless War (a.k.a Dept. of Defense). For the sake of all humanity, we must begin to recognize this.

Given his ongoing support for the months-long cold-blooded murder of thousands of children in Gaza, Joe Biden has no moral standing to condemn Vladimir Putin. There is literally no bottom to Biden’s hypocrisy and no end to the lies being spread the U.S. Departments of State or “Defense.”

Katya Kazbek is a Russia writer. She agreed to a few interviews (here and here) with the GRAYZONE, an online news site run by journalists Max Blumenthal and Aaron Matte (son of Gabor Matte). At the time of these interviews Kazbek was living in New York City. Her heartfelt words are worth hearing:

“So whenever you hear something about Russia, please consider what vested interests there may be in that opinion, who is telling you these things, and why. And just in general, whenever you’re interested, try to talk to actual people within Russia, preferably its regions, and not the pundits who get paid for pitting Navalny against Putin.”

For an excellent historical background history on Russia and Alexie Navalny, please take the time to watch the first 15 minutes of the following interview. Journalist Ania K. lives in Poland and runs a YouTube channel. Scott Ritter is a former U.S. Marine and was the lead U.N. Weapons Inspector who gave congressional testimony that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the U.S. began its illegal war upon that nation. Ritter was also a weapons inspector living in Russia in the 1990’s at the time of the creation of the ABM arms treaty between the U.S. and Russia. Ritter’s job was to verify Russian compliance with the terms of the treaty: