ACTION ALERT: June 26, 5pm, Thomas St. Public Information Meeting (Phase II)

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Thomas Street Public Information Meeting, Monday, June 26, 5 to 6pm in City Hall Chambers at 407 Grant Street


Public Information Packet from City (Plans and Input/Comment Form):

March 2017 Emails Stating DOT Will Not Expand Bridge – Service Life Possible to 2056:


Stop the unnecessary destruction of a working-class Wausau neighorhood and tell the City of Wausau “no way” when it comes to their current road plans which will displace individuals and families from their homes and raise environmental and contamination concerns.

Given DOT numbers show more than two lanes is not justified, and the two-lane bridge will not be expanded, this is also a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars that could be applied to projects that are actually necessary and benefit the community.  Many have vigorously opposed these lane expansion plans and eminent domain for years.

The City of Wausau is holding the Public Information Meeting on the Thomas Street Project, Phase II (the section from 4th Avenue east to the bridge) on Monday, June 26th, at 5pm in City Hall Chambers at 407 Grant Street.

We hope as many people as possible can attend the meeting. If attending, you will have the opportunity to submit written comments objecting to both options.

At this meeting, verbal and written objections, and concerns will be accepted and will then be submitted to the Capitol Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee (CISM) and the City Engineering Department for review. These comments may be submitted in person (in writing) at the meeting or via email addresses below. The following are a variety of reasons of why these plans are not needed, appropriate, or just.

1. Individuals and families will be displaced from there homes and property for no valid, substantiated reason. Some are senior citizens who have lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years.

2. The City was just told by the DOT in March 2017 that it will not get an expanded bridge. The two-lane bridge could last until 2056. This makes current plans completely illogical, and unnecessarily costly to the taxpayer.

3. There are significant environmental and contamination concerns. It appears the City had decided not to do more intense environmental studies after it broke federal guidelines and lost federal funding.

4. DOT traffic studies have shown that there is no justification for more than two lanes.

Please go to this link to see the meeting handouts and form:–Thomas-Street.aspx

The handout has the plans to be presented and the comment form for input of concerns. We recommend filling out the forms with your objections prior to the meeting so that you can hand it in at the meeting. If you cannot attend in person, please fill out the form and email to:

Eric Lindman, Director of Public Works:

and CC the mayor’s office:

We recommend emailing your form to both Mr. Lindman and the mayor’s office even if you are attending, in order to make sure your voices are heard and not dismissed.

All comments must be received by the City by Wednesday, July 5, 2017.