A Special Primer on Peace Initiatives Between Israel and Palestine

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A Special Primer on Peace Initiatives

Between Israel and Palestine


Tuesday, July 25

6 to 7 pm

Marathon County Library Meeting Room


Featured Speakers:  Karen and Tom Getman, Lifelong Activists and Humanitarians from Washington, DC


We are honored to have Karen and Tom Getman visiting Wausau this July.  Tom was the Director of World Vision for 25 years. Tom and Karen have lived and worked in South Africa, Palestine, Israel and Geneva, Switzerland supporting social justice and humanitarian concerns.  As Director of World Vision, Tom oversaw programs in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in relief and development projects in Palestine, Israel and Jordan.


He is a graduate from Wheaton College and Fuller Theological Seminary.  He will address the nexus of faith and public service, as he chose not to become an ordained minister, but to become a deacon for public ministry through legislative and humanitarian work.  Today, he regularly consults with US Senators and staff on Middle East issues.


Tom and Karen have been committed to bringing Jews, Muslims, and Christians together to build relationships and to help everyone better understand the need for peace in the Middle East.  Their goal is to link friends with friends who are skilled, compassionate and reconciling to people who are suffering especially in the Middle East and Southern Africa.


We hope you can join us for this very special presentation and discussion.