A Race to the Top

We all know the importance of green energy. We cannot continue to rely on fossil fuels, and it only makes sense to use the sun and the wind. Have we looked at the transition? How will it work if big money controls fossil fuels? The United States is one of the top three oil countries. While natural gas costs surge in our country, we know we could get more money exporting it. What will we do to obtain minerals we need to build a green economy?

We talk about supply chain issues and National Defense being in the forefront for our problems. I often contemplate the race to the to and the scare tactics used.  What are sustainable solutions? The United States is a wasteful country. With five percent of the world’s population, we are using twenty percent of the world’s energy. The greatest use of our energy is spent in transportation. As a nation we spend our time worrying about other countries and if their government is strong enough to protect its people. Where is the accountability here at home?

The Inflation Reduction Act has opened many questions. The IRA has eased permitting and opened up operating capital. There are so many questions we need to ask ourselves as we transition. We can use this money for good. We can build a future we want to see, one that puts people over profits. We have the opportunity to do the right thing. Let’s be a resilient partner with our allies, involving the voices from all communities. Everyone’s voice must be heard. We can enforce standards throughout the economy by creating higher standards for extracting and recycling. Put some of those IRA dollars into studying low disturbance, minimizing the impact to our environment. If we are to become more domestic, we will need a trained workforce.

What will it be? Will we do the right thing, or will it just be a race to the top?