A Citizen Remembers

A Citizen Remembers….by Randy Radtke

I remember a few things growing up.

I remember my dad being able to raise our family on one income. Most people could raise their family on one income.  Some of their spouses chose to work but it wasn’t necessary.

When people did not agree totally with the government, they still knew government was needed for our country to function properly.

We respected all teachers, both public and private.

There was respect for each other no matter what occupation or point of view.

We seemed more united. People seemed to know we were all in this togetherHumanity, Love, Respect

Many employees never paid a dime for their health insurance.

There was a good mix of good paying full time jobs and part time jobs. Most of the part- time jobs were done by teenagers or spouses wanting get out of the house and work.

People understood that public schools were very important. If you wanted to send your children to a parochial school that was fine but that was your choice at your expense.

Religious leaders were more interested in practicing the Word of God rather than preaching. They were not so concerned with money.

Patriotism was real. People didn’t wrap themselves in the flag while kicking the rest of us under the bus.

You very seldom heard people calling other people “lazy.”

When a friend or relative received a good job you were proud of them. You didn’t put them down like today.

Hospitals were more concerned about taking care of people than they were about money.

News sources were more reliable. They weren’t swayed by politics and sponsors as much.

In general people were more concerned about taking care of each other.

Most jobs were stable. It wasn’t uncommon to work 40 years in one place.

Wisconsin at one time had one of the best education systems in the country.

Laws were made to help our communities grow as a whole.


In most families, both spouses have to work. People are working two and three jobs. This is affecting family life and one reason I believe the divorce rate has gone up.

Man begging for moneyI have never seen so many homeless people in Wausau.

Government is hated so much. People don’t understand we need government so our country can properly function.

Our nation is divided: neighbors against neighbors, workers against workers, political party against political party.

Top 1% has taken over one whole political party and more than half of the other. This has us intentionally fighting amongst ourselves.

I see false preachers and false patriots. Look around. You will see them. They’ve wrapped themselves in the American flag and they’re usually carrying a cross, while at the same time throwing their country under the bus.

Most churches seem to be more focused on where the money is coming from and judging others than practicing and preaching the word of God.

News sources are not reliable. More are concerned about sponsorship than giving an accurate account at what is actually going on. They’re more interested in entertainment.

Laws are being made in the best interest of big business
I don’t know the perfect solution but one thing we need to do is take back our government so we can make laws that have the best interest of America as a whole.

The only way we can do that is to take back our political parties. We need to do more than just vote. Somehow we need to get our country united again.