It is hard for all of us at Middle Wisconsin (MW) to believe, but we have now been publishing our bi-monthly magazine for 10 years. Most of us are still the original staff who began the publication a decade ago. Do to changes in family situations, we find we are now in need of a volunteer (we are all volunteers at MW) to take over the duties of editor. The following is a short job description:

*check MW webmail for incoming articles
*check and responding to MW emails.
*edit, proof read, and prepare articles for publishing
*Send articles on to publisher as Word Documents
*We rarely need to alter articles, rewrite sentences or make any other significant changes to submissions. The authors who submit to MW are all excellent writers, so the function of the editor is to check for typos, missing words, or other minor errors that slip into almost any writing. If any significant changes appear needed in a piece, the author is contacted to discuss. All of this, of course, takes time. Generally, a volunteer could expect to invest about 5 hours on each of the two monthly issues, but the time is broken up and can be done at the editor’s convenience. The upside is that virtually all of the work of the editor is done online, so location isn’t critical, and we will show a new person how to use MW email etc. Mostly we need a person who has excellent command of the language.

Interested individuals should contact Dave Svetlik at:

Thank you for your interest.