“Ask the Candidate” – Issue Specific Questions

The Middle Wisconsin Editorial Board is excited to share with its readers a compilation of issue specific candidate questions.  We are hopeful that these questions can be utilized as a guide during a dialogue between citizens and candidates on some of the issues which face communities throughout the state of Wisconsin.  We encourage anyone using these questions to relay back to us some of the answers given by candidates so we may publish them on our website.The importance of an active citizenry is more important today than at any other period in our history.  A ...

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Reducing Money in Politics

Election Sign
Do you think there is too much money in politics? Do you think politicians are bought by big money contributions? We need to do something about the extreme amount of money being raised and spent on elections. But it is unlikely that the politicians, or the industries that profit from the current mess, will allow change. What can we do? We can reduce the influence of money in politics if more of us participated in elections. First we should recognize that politics is the way we make decisions in a democratic society. It is how we decide priorities, spending, and public ...

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Let’s Pay the Bills First – Senator Kathleen Vinehout

The following article is a reprint of a recent news release by Senator Kathleen Vinehout to the people of Wisconsin. Middle Wisconsin feels strongly that the citizens need to be aware of the harm being done to our public schools and our children by the transfer of tax dollars to private institutions. Let's Pay the Bills FirstbySenator Kathleen Vinehout“I don’t want another cent from the state until you guys pay the bills,” the business-owner from Durand told me. “I am tired of hearing about tax cuts and deficits.”“I want all the bills ...

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Political Candidates and Middle Wisconsin Members Supporting the Fast Food Workers Strike

Middle Wisconsin and Candidates
From left to right: Paul DeMain - State Senate Candidate 29th District, Joyce Luedke - MW Member, Randy Radtke - President of Marathon County Central Labor Council AFL-CIO, Nancy Stencil - State Candidate 86th Assembly, Dave Svetlik - MW Member, Dorothy Miller - Chairwoman Marathon County Democratic Party, Rita Pachal - MW Member and Head of Wausau area Move to Amend, Kelly Westlund - US Assembly candidate Wisconsin 7th Congressional District.

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Supporting Public and Private Sector Workers

Snow Plow
Wisconsin communities benefit from the crucial work done by Wisconsin's public employees and private sector employees. Our neighbors, families, and friends work together to build thriving, caring communities.One of my grandsons lists public school personnel as his friends: the ladies in the lunch room, the playground supervisors, and the school secretary. He knows these people care about him.Public school teachers work more than 50 hours a week teaching and preparing lessons to meet the diverse needs of our children while maintaining high quality public schools. ...

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Mary Burke Speaks at Wausau Women’s Network

Mary Burke spoke at a meet-and-greet with the Wausau Women’s Network on Thursday, September 4, at the home of Dr. Bart and Lila Hobson. Donna Seidel asked Burke several pointed questions regarding the gubernatorial candidate’s standpoint on such areas as job creation, education, women’s rights, healthcare reform, and more.While she addressed each of Donna's questions in detail, Burke also stressed that the platform she’s running on is built on 3 overarching themes: Putting the needs of the PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN over the needs of SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS...

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Revised – Wisconsin Student Voter ID Fact Sheet – Common Cause

Ballot Box
For Release: Thursday - October 2, 2014Wisconsin Voter Photo IDWhat College & University Students Need to KnowThe reinstatement of Wisconsin’s Voter Photo ID law on September 12th – just 52 days before the November 4th general election – has put the ability to cast a ballot at risk for many college and university students across the state.A Wisconsin college student ID is valid at the polls as long as it: hasn't expired; has the student’s name, photo and signature; includes issuing and expiration dates; and the ID does not expire more than two ...

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“The Test” – Wisconsin Values – A Progressive Balance

Person grading a test
Many months back a group of concerned citizens developed “The Test.” It was centered on three simple words - - - Fairness, Respect and Community. These words were chosen because they embody values that virtually all Wisconsinites hold dear. “The Test” was originally written to give citizens a basis upon which to assess proposed legislation and regulation, but it can also be applied to candidates for public office. As we approach the fall elections it is critical that we ask ourselves - - - does a candidate and what they propose and stand for represent fairness, ...

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GET READY FOR THE AUGUST 12 PRIMARY ELECTIONS WITH WISCONSINVOTE.ORGVoters in Wisconsin will cast their ballot in primaries, including the race for governor on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.If you’re looking for information about the candidates, you’ll find everything you need at: www.wisconsinvote.orgThis resource is produced by Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.Find the primaries in your area and read candidate profiles for senate and assembly districts along with candidates running for statewide office.

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