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Wisconsin Poor People’s Campaign holds teach-in

Housing costs and large scale acquisition of homes by multibillionaire asset manager groups such as Black Rock, as well as a gross miscalculation of the number of true homelessness — by half — paint a bleak future for working and low income people securing a safe abode or buying a home and building equity.

Remediate contamination to meet housing need in Wausau

This plot is supposed to be zoned as residential. Due to an honest mistake it is labelled industrial and the City wants to go with that instead of pursuing opportunities for housing. But it’s no mistake that working Wausonians are hurting for safe and reasonably priced housing. We’ll need over 400 new residences by 2025.


  Among all this recent excitement generated by proposals to redesign the Mall I need to ask: "While making Wausau a hot spot for young urban professionals to drop a planter for a few years, what is the mechanism by which a significant proportion of our rooted citizens will benefit from the millions spent on these projects with our tax dollars?"   I asked this question of the Council last year while heaps of accolades were being made over the success of Riverlife. Only one member of the Council appeared to understand the paltry extent to which such successes have addressed the rampant inequalities in our City.   Millions of ...


  As a healthcare worker, the Coronavirus Crisis has got me scared and thinking.   I am scared for my very dear friend. She made daily rounds in a NYC hospital, a city where one person was dying every 10 minutes from the virus at its peak. I don’t want to lose one of a very few friends who understands me!   My fellow nurses are dying from it without adequate protection. More than 2000 and counting. My wife and/or myself could be next!   My own residents in the nursing homes are suffering from lack of connection with family due to quarantine.   A husband asked me what we could do to keep his ...


Editor's note: The following letter submitted to Middle Wisconsin concerns the upcoming November 3rd Wausau School District referendum and the adverse impact it may have on students and families.  The letter reflects statements Mr. Grau made at a recent School Board meeting upon learning the Task Force that made the decisions regarding the actions proposed in the referendum was apparently not required to be transparent, keep meeting minutes, or seek public input. The parent's of the families being affected were apparently not consulted. Mr Grau's letter is expressing concern with the process by which decisions were made that affect the people of ...